About Zenoshi Local

Zenoshi is building a Universal Rewards Program where you the consumer will be able to collect rewards for absolutely anything and everything you buy.

We are excited to present you our initial launch of our Zenoshi Local Loyalty Program where our users can get rewards at the merchants listed here.

This launch is only taking place in Calgary, Alberta and surrounding areas initially. If you purchase at any of these businesses listed below, please take a picture of your receipt and email it to


Participating Merchants


Active Members


Receipts Scanned


Months until App launch
Central Rewards

The loyalty rewards space is saturated. Merchants or companies that operate these programs can change their programs any time, make points or miles worth less and in most countries can retire the rewards if there has not been recent use.

The Zenoshi Standard

The solution is to have a token that is immediately recognized on the blockchain upon creation. It will then be easily transacted over the Zenoshi App for rewards offered on the app or at merchants.

Activies & Dining

Our platform allow consumers to take pictures of receipts for purchases they have made anywhere. When they do this, Zenoshi Inc will reward them with tokenized rewards.

Check out our Rewards page & our participating merchants

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